Students FAQ

How can I take notes on a PDF file uploaded by a Professor?

Amanote is a tool used to take notes on the PDF files provided by the Professor. By clicking on the green Amanote icon on the right of the file name and then on Open in Amanote, the editable file will open. On the left, you will see the slides of the class and, on the right, an open space where you can take notes.

When the class ends or you want to exit the file, please click on Save.
You could also export the file in different formats. We recommend you download the PDF format file on slide mode, because that way you will be able to export every slide with its notes.

Please watch the video for further details.

Apart from taking notes on the PDF files uploaded by the professor, with Amanote you can also take notes on other files, because you will have your personal area. You can learn how to use it in the video below:"